I hate to beat a dead horse and all . . .

. . . but this is pretty egregious.  I got so sick of writing my own partition code in Java (since I’m so used to being able to do it easily in GScript) that I pushed it out into a utility method so I wouldn’t have to rewrite the same code over and over.  Thanks to the overhead of Java generics, anonymous inner classes, and type declarations, I’m not sure it was even a win.  Now my code looks like:

  Map<String, List<FormPatternLookup>> partitionedLookups =
    new CollectionUtil.Partitioner<FormPatternLookup, String>() {
      public String partitionKey(FormPatternLookup formPatternLookup) {
        return formPatternLookup.getState() +
          ";;" + formPatternLookup.getUWCompanyCode();

Ugh.  If I had written this code in GScript, it would have been:

  var partitionedLookups = lookups.partition(\l -> l.State +
    ";;" + l.UWCompanyCode)

I mean, honestly . . . that’s pretty brutal.

One Comment on “I hate to beat a dead horse and all . . .”

  1. Carson Gross says:

    I think GScript is a pretty cool guy. Eh abstracts the algorithms and doesn’t afraid of anything.

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