Upcoming Gosu Events

There are some Gosu-related events coming up that people might want to consider attending:

July 12, 2011 6-9PM – Sacramento Java Users Group

Exit Certified

I’ll be giving a brief talk on the experimental Protocols typeloader for Gosu and, time permitting, I’ll talk about Ronin, a small Gosu-based web framework.

July 18-20th – JVM Language Summit

Oracle Santa Clara Campus

Most of the Gosu Team will be at the JVMLS: Scott McKinney (Gosu Team Lead), Dumitru Petrusca (IDE Lead), David Green (XML Guru) and me. I’ll be giving a talk on the Protocols typeloader, and implementing language features as a library using The Open Type System.

July 25-29th – OSCON 2011

Oregon Convention Center, Portland, OR

I’ll be at OSCON this year, giving an introduction to Gosu And The Open Type System.

If you are going to be at any of these and want to meet up and talk Gosu, or just drink beer, let me know: email or twitter.

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