Gosu CR IntelliJ Plugin (and Other Goodies)

Today, we’ve finally released our IntelliJ IDEA plugin for use with the Gosu Community Releases, along with a new release of Gosu itself.  A few open source projects using Gosu will also be releasing updated versions to work with the new Gosu and IntelliJ plugin releases.  The official Gosu CR announcement is over on the gosu-lang group:


While the official IntelliJ IDEA plugin announcement is on the new gosu-idea group:


(Note that these releases are not part of any current Guidewire products and won’t work with any current Guidewire products; these are simple the standalone “community release” versions of the Gosu language and the plugin).  I’ve been playing with the plugin for several weeks as part of getting Tosa ready for an associated release, and I can definitely say that they make programming in Gosu a lot faster and a lot more fun.  So if you’ve been turned off by Gosu in the past due to the weak tooling support, especially if you’re used to Java IDEs, now’s the time to start checking it out!

2 Comments on “Gosu CR IntelliJ Plugin (and Other Goodies)”

  1. Pete says:

    Great news guys. I’ve started playing around with the IJ plugin, and it make Gosu about 10,000 times easier to jump into and start using.

    Also, pretty amazing that Carson was able to get an example up and running on Heroku. Can you post an example Procfile and pom file that made it work?

    I’m also hoping that this, along with the GWRE IPO will end the Blog radio silence. I’m assuming that you guys must have been pretty heads down with the Gosu IJ work, and were probably being discouraged from blogging anything about Guidewire, lest you invoke the wrath of the SEC, like the guys at Groupon did.

    Congrats on the IPO too. You totally deserve all the hype you’re getting, and more.

  2. Alan Keefer says:

    The radio silence has mostly been because I’m just too busy these days to write much (and likewise for Carson, I’d say). I’ve got about 5 other hats to wear, so the chief blogger hat has been put down temporarily. Perhaps I’ll be able to change that this year.

    Carson has put together some examples on a simple website, but I don’t want to launch him before he’s ready, so I won’t post the link here. But if you’re interested, you should ask him and he’ll hook you up.

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